Ghosts and Murder: The Psychic Child Who Predicted the Coming Future

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I was born in 1978, a pretty important year, on a Friday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at 4:34pm. Much like all 1970's born children who were parked for the millennial future — more than many will ever fully realize — we all, including me, came with specialized gifts that will never be born again.

The day I was born embodies the symbol for death — Ace of Spades — within an ancient mystic system and also a day remembered in some places and celebrated in others on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo. This day is the closest doorway to death with constant overturn and changes in one’s life that bears many tests and often life-altering tribulations on this soul path.

I read alot, played a lot, skipped grades at an early age, loved life, my parents, and my young life with kids in the neighborhood playing on skateboards, football, and climbing trees, while also going through a lot more than most kids — fighting parents, seeing ghosts, and divorce all before the end of the 1980s.

At a young age my mom would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up. Like most parents, she even threw in some projections hoping I would say a future career she hoped for, who knows doctor, lawyer, etc.

I always giggled about it she said when I was much younger, until one day I said, “Oh mom, I just want to study and write about Ghosts and Murder, that’s all”!— Needless to say, she freaked out, telling me to never say that out loud for fear of judgmental others.

Sure, I was a kid, but I knew most because I felt it. Which is likely why I giggled knowing it was a hushed thing to say such things, in any capacity at that time but especially being so young in this body and in this life then.

Plus, kids aren’t supposed to be into such eery things.

I would casually say things coming all the time because it fell into my brain so easily.

Before we left for an out of town trip at the age 5 sitting in the car I told my mom I thought it was cool she had self-driving car because they would soon be here in the future. She laughed and showed me that she was driving a manual that was far from self-driving. While chuckling with a bit of disbelief.

More than the predictions outside the home with a great many however the real story for me and my family was what was held within and that was the fact that I had a ton of spirits that would gather in my room and throughout the house crowding me and making it much too scary for my child self.

That had its cuteness, but also the great cost of not being believed.

And eventually, I stopped talking about it. As I was later reminded, I had to sleep in my parent's room for a year because it became so fearfully terrifying.

Damn near forgot for many years until my mother reminded me that I was actually right with what was coming, it was just hard to hear in that form.

In truth, the last straw that changed it all was the year the divorce came when I turned 7 and seeing an older man sitting on the edge of bed with a hat lowered on this face turn and look towards me in my pink outfitted room, I ran out my bedroom screaming, begging him and all the ghosts to leave me alone, and for the gift to go too.

I had myself believing I was free, but it was all momentary.

What I told the living was true, and the masses of the dead that I saw as a child was all true. What I felt was all real, except there were no conversations on high sensory empathic psychic children that could feel people before meeting them. I was the most well-known cry baby and interestingly the beloved smart kid that everyone wanted to babysit because I read and thought at a high level to be so young.

I believed as a child that I cut my gift of sight of spirits off because the crowds vanished when the divorce happened and we moved far across town.

Until that is, years later, psychic premonitions happened that even more people would not believe and blame ME for what I told them was coming.

I hid those gifts away — even the paranormal encounters in between that foretold my ghostly future — and as time went on I truly believed I was incapable of divining abilities like others I awed at.

All the while I made myself forget the past, by the age of 19 even more ghosts not only found me wherever I lived, but they came banging on doors, windows, drums, and way more than I ever told, no matter the houses, apartments, who I was hanging out with or where life’s evolution had me at that time on the path.

Children and the elderly are closer to the divine than those in prime ever really chose to believe. Some kids truly are psychic. May your heart be open to the coming of even more psychic kids who will see and know more than we can ever believe.

As an adult I can say I was right in my prediction, in my job I write about history, death, ghos

Just trust the divine plan always,


Author of: Numerology 101: Everyday Numbers, Decode the Vibration




Black Female Psychic Spirit Medium, Astrologer, Empath, Reiki Master, Author of Books Numerology101; Numerology102; Symbology101; email:

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Black Female Psychic Spirit Medium, Astrologer, Empath, Reiki Master, Author of Books Numerology101; Numerology102; Symbology101; email:

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