I Dreamed of Trayvon Martin

To many, it’s perhaps late in sharing.

While others remained glued to televisions and social media — I dreamed of, saw and interacted with Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

It was an unexpected dream by far as I, like many across the world, closely watched the trial wanting justice for this young black man wrongfully attacked and murdered for a myriad of racial and criminalizing assumptions held by a local neighbor.

However, shortly before the verdict announcement, perhaps even a couple weeks before, when I think back. He came to me out of no where.

My dreams come and go like many others.

But this dream foretold what was coming in small ways. It was only when the news of lack of charges against his murderer that I understood more deeply Trayvon’s coming to me — or mere chance meeting at a crossroads in the dream state.

As I write, I keep in fact having third eye visions of him in different pictures …

In the dream, I vividly remember seeing a two-way escalator diagonal and massively tall with two sides and it flowed with large amounts of people up and down the escalator towards a turnstyle where people walked briskly akin to say a peak DC flow of Metro traffic.

I seemed to fall into the station in the dream, but once aware that I was in full flow of people traffic, I stood to the side.

As I caught my bearings within the dream, I looked up and saw the sun and blue skies peaking through up top outside beyond the stairwell. As the dream state took greater shape in mind, I looked over across the busy way station and saw Travyon Martin — with a hat, jersey, and jeans riding the escalator coming down the stairwell.

On realizing immediately who he was, I yelled out from across the station where I stood to the side. I called out frantically before he could get off the escalator, “Trayvon!”

As if he was going to recognize me I thought to myself…I had never met him in the physical body in this life.

He turned around looking confused I presume at how anyone would know him and more importantly who I was.

I yelled again over to him as people continued around me. He stopped and turned, coming closer standing perhaps 3 feet away, wide-eyed yet curious on who I was. Somehow knowing this was going to be brief, I felt I had to say something to him.

I yelled over to him, “I am sorry.”

I can still feel the emotions in the bottom of my heart that I felt as I thought in that moment what he needed to hear. “I am sorry what you had to go through.” Adding further, I said, “I am sorry about everything that happened.”

He looked at me fully attentive, calm, and it seemed at that point increasingly attuned to what I was saying and even more, who I was and my abilities as he looked over.

Then I noticed his hat. Something that I recognized, at least in that moment, I connected with his father that they shared within their bond.

And I said to him, “Can I have your hat?”

Far from being materialistic, at that point in universal time I knew I could bring it back and it would show the way through the portal, if you will, to others who may not believe.

He took it off, looked at the hat.

Then he took a couple steps backwards, smiled as if a deeper awareness came over. He gave a slight head nod to me, put the hat back on and turned to walk towards the turnstyle.

Not too long after, he fell into the massive crowd pouring down the next level of steps quickly bound for the train awaiting below.

I told very few that dream because I knew many would never believe me. But I also knew to just be patient with others awakening to the over soul.

I have dreamed of much and many that I can’t explain, but souls throughout the dimensions want to make their presence known and more will come to connect with any and all of us. Only, however, when we are ready.

The interaction with Trayvon was brief, but in the dream state we are all fully awake and able to commune through higher consciousness and in essence we connect telepathically, without restrictions of the human body and everyday society.

Albeit brief, that is what happened when I met Trayvon.

I got to say I’m sorry to him both for myself and the grief that his loss caused me a mere stranger and many global others. But it was seeing him essentially at the crossroads heading deeper into spirit world of dimensions far beyond the everyday human understanding that was the greatest gift to me. Bearing witness to the move between dimensions.

Trayvon knew more deeply the meaning, depth, the role of his death especially, and final outcome of the trial still looming for us on this side to deal with. But it is the longer significance of his young life for us, and the future of more still yet to come that the dream equally revealed.

For Trayvon was and is a way shower, opener, and pathway to collective and pure awakening and more…..

Stay open to your own dreams! For it is only with an open heart full of compassion that you can be of service to multitudes —here, there, or many dimensions.

Be the Light, Love, and Most of all Joy,


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Black Female Psychic Spirit Medium, Astrologer, Empath, Reiki Master, Author of Books Numerology101; Numerology102; Symbology101; email: thecosmicdoc@gmail.com

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Black Female Psychic Spirit Medium, Astrologer, Empath, Reiki Master, Author of Books Numerology101; Numerology102; Symbology101; email: thecosmicdoc@gmail.com

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