Moonwatch: Aquarius Jan 27–29, 2017

The New Moon shifted into Aquarius at 3:37Am EST on Friday Jan 27th, 2017.

When the Moon shifts into this zodiac we see the bigger picture in an entirely new way. Many become far more visionary in a global way. This moon also has a tendency to bring out the rebel and revolution in us emotionally in our interactions with the world as we crave something different and much more expansive. But most of all personal freedom, and to be seen for our unique selves. Our causes likewise become more urgent in addressing humanitarian needs with global impact.

The shift of this high moon energy at the 3:37 vibrational time stamp indicates higher creativity and possibility of deeper evolution through awakenings and accessing of higher insights for us all!

Aquarian Moon Rules: Calves and ankles

Aquarian Moon Behaviors: Reformer/Visionary

Peace, Love, & Light




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