Number 11 & November 2020 Vibrationally Decoded

Numerology 101: Everyday Numbers, Decode the Vibration

Vibrational meaning: If one is the beginning and genesis, then eleven is an even higher vibration and dimensionality that comes with greater tests, obstacles and deeper learning in the soul journey.

Eleven brings the consummate giver, the teacher, the innovator who does so and comes forth with a profoundly deep connection to humanity with energies from a higher dimension and spiritual plane. The hallmark of 11 is primarily anchored on illumination, cutting on brighter lights to see, experience, feel, give, teach, empower and live much more. This vibration brings awakening, intuition as well as powerful psychic and telepathic abilities of connection within self and external others. 11 is a powerful activator for oneness within the globe and throughout the multi-dimensions and multiverses. Eleven likewise opens and activates dreams for it is the dream catcher, and dimensional undercurrent that once tapped, those awakened bring higher guidance, sacredness, and symbolic understandings.

Eleven in summation points to abstract understanding, revelations, spiritual awakenings, deeper sense of a mission, driven purpose, and lighting the way for others. Ideas comes with lightning speed. 11 is vibrationally the highest path to enlightenment and to therefore become enlightened.

The month of November will see rise of the mystics, great artists, musicians, spiritual leaders, and the most powerful collective awakening of many.

All throughout November 2020 the high vibrational expression can and will come most through activation of: — intelligence, high intuition, creativity, significantly increased ambition and drive, leadership, multi talents and skill-sets.

All throughout November 2020 the low vibrational expression tests can give rise within some: — a sense of aimlessness, the fanatical, frustration, nervous energies, dishonesty, wicked leaders, being undependable, or even manipulative.

The month of November will be loud, reverberating far into the future. The path throughout the month will unveil peaks and valleys that bring what seemed an unending and relentless change. Harness the mind and find ways of creative productions and more importantly be open to self expression. For this month across the planet we will all face the unexpected, high emotions, and the fires of change will rise extremely high spreading quickly, but the path must be ever forward moving because through it and in this month especially, powerful illuminators for the masses will indeed awaken a great many. The time is now!

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Numerology 101: Everyday Numbers, Decode the Vibration

Numerology 102: Birthdays, Lifepaths, and the Personal Years

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Black Female Psychic Spirit Medium, Astrologer, Empath, Reiki Master, Author of Books Numerology101; Numerology102; Symbology101; email:

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Black Female Psychic Spirit Medium, Astrologer, Empath, Reiki Master, Author of Books Numerology101; Numerology102; Symbology101; email:

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