The №1 Key to My Writing Productivity is Super Intelligence Music

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I am listening to it right now! What I would call the vibrational golden stamp that helps get the job done right now!

And because of it, my mind is pouring with things that have to get done, racing through my mental things-to-do list and more. What the binaural composite that I am listening to does, is it aligns with your vibrations in such a way that you seem to remember what you need to do, what you forget to get done, and over and over I find that you can flow far more easily unincumbered by external vibrations.

Even my cats love it!

The moment I start playing the video I start to get stuff done. I get motivated. I want to write, I want to type, I want to be uninterrupted, and then sometimes I want the energy to go for as long periods of time as I can!

One day I sat for 7 hours straight upon listening to this super-intelligence binaural beat video, fully focused, barely ate and was barely hungry, restarting the video over and over sometimes feeling the track somehow “skipped” ahead. Ha!

A lot of people think I am playing when I tell them about it. That is until I send it on to them and they actually try it.

It works for me in mere seconds. However, one friend shared that in minutes she was curious after my excitement about it and although sleepy when opening the video, hours later she realized she had read a thesis and given full comments with energy that seemed fueled from this video.

I will admit that I was born with incredible focus and drive for follow-through/completion that continues to serve me well perhaps even more later in my life as I walk even more into the confidence of multi-talents. I am the daughter of a female techie who could devour a book in a day and who also was intentional about structuring my environments to create unending focus, learning, and productivity.

There is a method and there is a formula that works when you want to be productive.

Not many will do the work though, however, through this one key you can. I learned on one try that I can get begin to get it done and somehow both effortlessly and joyfully — and even more of a bonus, all I have to do is be open and listen, anywhere that I am.

I feel like some ad trying to sell something that may or may not work, but it’s the fact that I can feel it working as I type this blog, where my typing has doubled in speed to even more concretely keep up with my brain. This particular type of music (binaural beats), and for me, THIS particular video works.

When I hear it, it kicks in faster fueling the brainwaves for me to get to work than any brain herb, smoothie, tea or coffee that I have ever had and so I use it to my productive advantage when I feel like I am slacking.

And it has worked where and when I needed most, being among those in the toolkit that enabled me to self publish three books in a year and a half.

I am always on the quest for what works and over 20 years it has only increased where I could give a master list of what does work and what does not. What is a meager gimmick and what is the ish!

I believe in productivity tools that really help embolden the grind and this one works!

All in all, productivity really is what you make of it, if you do at all. I can’t tell you how many people I meet who talk about what they are going to do far more than what they actually do.

I have had a concentrated look at the world and its reading/writing habits and non-habits for 20 years, through college, grad schools, incalculable coffee shops and book stores, book clubs, classrooms, generations, writing groups, and meetups. The world is changing.

It’s always time to show for your time on this planet, and we all need help with sitting down and even more with harnessing the concentration to focus and get the job done. We all can, and will.

Maybe this can be one of the ones that you give a try and see what you produce as a result.

My Favorite Super Intelligence Video:

I share most what works on the evolutionary path! #writeon

Be clear in your intentions, and be vigilant about your dreams with real productivity!

All Love, All Peace


Award-winning Book:

**Slavery at Sea: Terror, Sex, and Sickness in the Middle Passage (2016)

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**Numerology 101: Everyday Numbers, Decode the Vibration (2018)

**Numerology 102: Birthdays, Lifepaths, and The Personal Years (2019)

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Black Female Psychic Spirit Medium, Astrologer, Empath, Reiki Master, Author of Books Numerology101; Numerology102; Symbology101; email:

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Black Female Psychic Spirit Medium, Astrologer, Empath, Reiki Master, Author of Books Numerology101; Numerology102; Symbology101; email:

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