What is A Vibrational Medium?

Mediums have long been the messengers of and sought by a great many — across societies, cultures, races, nations, and ethnicities — to understand the future.

Vibrational mediums will greatly expand human understandings; even in the millenial years. However, unknown to many they represent the future beyond 3D understandings.

These Divine Beings come able to:

  1. Smell between worlds.
  2. Connect with someone’s vibration easily — — by hearing a person’s voice, by being in the same room, seated next to someone, or even on the phone.
  3. See energy and vibrational threads coming off of things, people, animals, and objects.
  4. Feel Angels and Ascended Masters by heat, smell, sound, touch, etc.
  5. These mediums can hear, see, smell, feel touch by the “so called dead” with absolute ease as walking lightworkers. They attract beings in many dimensions and time anywhere in the world because these mediums come in so high vibrational.
  6. Contrary to belief, some can move between time and space in the past present, and the future all at once through shared conversations, energy work, and also devices!! — So yes, the highly attuned can smell thru ALL technology (tv, phone, computers, emails, newsfeeds, and even text messages with more to come).
  7. Most vulnerable and greatly overlooked for those awakening to their gifts are those able to fully feel energy trails emanating from food. Meaning that all thoughts and energy poured into that food can be felt in the body of these New Age vibrational mediums.
  8. Traditionally feeling to extract information or psychic energy (psychometry) in the traditional sense required touching a picture or object of some kind. Yet, being new age, these vibrational beings can feel someone and energy in its highest form from anywhere in the world in a distinct way rarely seen that does not always require touch!
  9. Multidimensional beings and spirit animals especially find, connect, hang out with and channel through them.
  10. As high sensory beings, their knowingness comes most vibrationally from literally feeling what others feel in their heart, head, and throughout their entire body and energy around them.
  11. Their awakening and gifts enables jumping in the hearts energetically of others for healing work and fully understanding people and their souls.
  12. Their thoughts and prayers are even more powerful because of the superpower brain that comes with their openness to and manifestation of awakening all the time.
  13. They can move between dimensions simply by creating and or listening to music, which vibrationally they can hear and feel the notes and vibrational produced (as in jump inside the notes and feel them more deeply).
  14. Their energy is connected deeply with the divine where thoughts can be affirmed by the shaking of rooms.
  15. They are highly sensitive to colors and energy vibrations that flows out (chromotherapy) of which they can discern like different threads of yarn. Thus they feel colors and their vibrations.
  16. Symbols powerfully affects them vibrationally. Symbols also come in many forms that a vibrational medium can expain, ie words and letters have vibrations (symbology) as do numbers (numerology). — — Making these gifted souls especially attuned to symbolic vibration energies still left in and/or beaming out of things or people moments hours, days, and even years later!
  17. They are walking transmuters which requires deep energy work and clearings regularly because they take on energy of others so fluidly that they can be toxic if left uncleared.
  18. They are deeply sensitive and can act out or take on the vibrations of every person that can be dangerous if they do not learn proper shielding and clearing.
  19. They feel the future through mere thought, thus standing between worlds. And both embodying and feeling the immediacy of thought and it’s vibrational power. Which leans into telepathy for those gifted in that way.
  20. Most of all, in feeling the world’s energy, pain, joy, and suffering many vibrational mediums are not only aligned to Gaia’s earth energy, but all in all, they embody the deepest form of living by being able to feel energy in highly vibrational form that human beings have still yet to write about.

Vibrations and those able to feel them is truly truly real! The real science of the future, however, is not only it’s deepest in love, but in awakening to feeling. To fully know is to feel and after feeling comes great compassion.

And vibrational mediums are the most profound keys to the future, near, far, and future present!


To book a vibrational reading, email: thecosmicdoc@gmail.com




Black Female Psychic Spirit Medium, Astrologer, Empath, Reiki Master, Author of Books Numerology101; Numerology102; Symbology101; email: thecosmicdoc@gmail.com

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Black Female Psychic Spirit Medium, Astrologer, Empath, Reiki Master, Author of Books Numerology101; Numerology102; Symbology101; email: thecosmicdoc@gmail.com

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