You Are the Numbers in Your Life!

Numbers and numerology holds the greatest power in our every day lives.

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Numbers are ever around us, greatly influencing our choices, opportunities, and the lessons gained in our evolution.

Numbers are a key core way to understand yourself as well the future still coming.

Yet, to some your number lies most and only within your life path number.

No one number defines the/your path.

Instead a universal imprint, a vibrational code and many other numeric codes unique and understood most by you for your soul’s expansion are everywhere all around you — seen and unseen.

Looked at the from the view of the universe, we each choose our numbers, our soul contract, and thus our codes personal only to us as we parted the veils taking vibrational form in this life. — — At a precise time and vibrational moment key to our living, loving, and learning.

You are the numbers in your birthday
You are the numbers in your birth time/hour
You are the numbers in your birth year
You are the numbers in the century that you were born Your are the numbers in your current age

You likewise navigate numbers all the time, without ending, activating and reactivating vibrations through thought and casual invocation.

Numeric threads permeate our everyday and our personal lives more intensely through your cell number, your address, and even the numbers in your car tag.

To know the essence of numbers and their vibration is to go beyond seeing patterns of numbers, towards decoding the basics of the numbers to better access the deeper core code at hand for you and us all. By learning and knowing more about numerology you can harness the energetic power of numbers in and of your life to your greatest manifestation.

To know is to be informed and in knowing the power of your numbers you can predict and therefore activate your greatest future unseen.

Be empowered on the numbers central to your soul journey! For while we all live ever in a numbers matrix, you are the numbers in your vibrational life!

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Numerology 101: Everyday Numbers, Decode the Vibration

Numerology 102: Birthdays, Lifepaths, and the Personal Years



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